The meaning behind I cew on Iron and spit out bullets.

The language of Shakespeare. The language of Robert Frost. The Language of Jerry Reed and the different styles and flows of melody and rhythm within the words flow stream of…

Have you heard about the legend Jesses James, John Henry? Just to mention some names…

Real talk.

It took me ten plus years to get to a decent level of the song language of my mother tongue to express myself with the lines…

I cew on Iron and I spit out Bullets.

Still though it’s not original to me. I took the emotion and silly play of words from a YouTuber on a drunk n night of beer and board games.

Let’s break it down.

I cew on Iron > my life has it’s hard moments and I deal with depression on the real.

I spit out bullets > I fight on. I take the rough parts of life and my depression and I use it to expression my fighter mentality and my will to use the shit I deal with for some good.

It’s poetry and a silly saying but it is truth. A wild card of brilliance. A saying that came from gusto and honesty.

Warm Regards



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