A lesson in the struggle spirit.

Alright here’s the video. I title it fuck you square up it’s time to fight.

It’s a simple whimsical but real reaction to a character in a video game. But, notice how both men react to the spirit of what is conveyed in the video.

The odds are against you. The struggle is real. The battle maybe be lost in the undertaking but fuck it. I’m taking the fuckers on. I’m defending what my Daddy left me. I’m going to burn these assholes down because bitch you took family but you ain’t taking my fighting spirit or the shit they left me.

Fuck you. I’m making my stand. The two men’s emotion is not just acting both men really do know what the fuck it means to struggle against a world trying to take you the fuck out.

These is why I love the spirit of the Black Rambo. This is why I love the spirit of the lone star shit kicking cowboy.

Warm Regards



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