Vitamin D my Elusive target…reflections from a vegetarian.

I’m thinking on going back to eating meat. It’s been some time like 10 plus years.

Reasons being depression being a factor I’m reading about associated with being a vegetarian. Not to mention my elusive target.

Vitamin D and his brother D3. My two buddies that are always good for a good time and focused work day. Fuckers are elusive to my waking days occasionally. They are busy men all over the world but love to take trips to Florida and Hawaiian islands.

I never really thought about the reason I feel the most…happy or feel good on a sunny day is the Vitamin D dump of energy. To much shit going on to distract my focus.

But, I’m thinking of it now. I want to be more focused and have less blue days. So as of now. I’m going to be recording my thoughts and taking notice.

Currently feeling 50% okay in energy and focused. Got some reading done and not feeling blue inspite of rainy day right now.

The research on solutions begins. Why the sudden change of opinion?

What if eating meat again could manage my energy and depression levels better.

One thing is a constant though drinking orange juice combined with four hours snacks and Sunny days do wonders for my moods. Still though not enough sunny days or ready snacks. The hunt for solutions continues….meant solutions are up as options.

Warm Regards



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