Ariana grande? So many questions.

Why? Is she famous?

Real talk. She’s okay looks wise. Keep in mind I’m a fan of shorties her size and height but na’aw. Something about her just puts me off.

I can remember seeing her on a children’s show called Sam & Cat and thinking is this a closet lesbian tv show on the low.

I’m not saying that’s what the show is it’s just the feel of the show. The undertones. She played a dumb bitch and acted with a fake high voice and had this spaced out high look on her face most of the time. She played a dumbass real good my dude. Still had that weird lesbian vibe to it in the interactions with the other female lead character.

The show ended quickly enough and no sooner had it ended then she was on a fucking stage singing some bullshit pop song.

Flash forward to a dozen or so slut pop songs and I remember this bitch again when she’s singing at Aretha Franklin’s funeral.

She’s singing some song and Bill Clinton is staring at her like she’s a hocker for sale with a bag of cocain included and I’m looking at her not in lust but wondering….

Why the fuck does she look so stupid singing? Real talk. I’m looking at her sing decent enough but why does she look a little off. Her eyes are closed on parts of the song and she’s moving her head and body around weirdly. Not to the flow of the music or feeling but like she can’t control herself properly. I can’t tell if she’s high or just young and dumb. Why can’t she keep the fuck still. What the fuck is she wearing? It’s look like her handler dressed her to find a new sugar Daddy to pay for a goble war tour.

When the fuck is this bitch going to grow up? I’m thinking. But, she is grown. Right? In her twenties.

Still though. The only reason I thought about the bitch is because of question. How many puppets for the machine are their? Crept Keep Joe is one for sure but then I thought about the puppet like qualities of Ariana Grande.

Look all this is my opinion of course and maybe wrong in regards to Grande being a tool for the machine. Joe Biden is a given that bitch sold his soul before my Momma was born.

Warm Regards


P.S. Why the fuck do people worship and lust after these people?


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