A lesson in nature from the quick and the dead (1995)

My brother Red brought this one to my attention. I remember the movie vividly. I saw it on tv back to back and middle to end.

It’s the scene of the main Antagonist Herod bringing his old wolf buddy Cort back to the killing game in chains to his bastard son’s store to buy a gun.

Herod wants a duel with his old pal but his friend is delusional about himself and his real nature. Cort is trying to resist his inner killer by puttiny on the mask of the sheep.

Herod knows that’s bullshit.

Cort is handed a piece that he handles like an old friend or lover. He plays with it in his hand and listens to clicking of the caber turning with his thumb. Try as he might there is still something wild that calls to him with a piece in his hands but he can’t figure out how to deal with that side of himself and not go full blood drinking murdering monster.

Cort’s inner conflict is resolved in the end. He doesn’t kill Herod but he does find a way to channel that wildness. Instead of killing sheep. He turns his guns on the wolves and becomes a guardian of the sheep or more like…

A guardian Dog.

Warm Regards


P. S. I hope you like this one Red that last line was pure brainstorming hitter.


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