What’s wrong with admiting differences in human tribes?

I’m flicking through YouTube videos and I’ve noticed a Video on a Christian on the topic of race.

Video title is What does the bible say about race?

I click on the video. I’m interested if the subject will be addressed or will the dude avoid subject to say we’re all apart of the human race. It usually goes the later. This video went the easy boring PC route with statements and assumptions in the first half of the video and name dropping MLK.

It’s avoidance and assumptions that race is just about skin color and hair. The times being what they are I see the caution of why some American Europeans Christians have about talking race without some dumbass thinking their being racists when their talking about race.

I get it. Race is scary to talk about for some Christian males that don’t want to talk about race. Still though. If you can’t talk about race then don’t gloss over the subject in an abridged pretty narrative about what the bible says about race.

I don’t find race talk scary at all. Different tribes have different talents and notable weaknesses within the family group that gets pasted down from parents to children. It is the way it is. Nothing weird about it.

That’s how I see race as tribe or family groups because that’s what it is at least to me.

Where is the conflict? Well it comes down to the old assumption that one race is better then another when people talk about Race or tribal groups differences.

Better question. Does the Christian bible promote the idea that one race is better then another?

The answer is abvious if you’ve read the bible or the books. God called his own chosen people stiff necked and hard hearted people more then once. Jesus in the new testament died for the same people that were yelling for him to be killed on a tree because the tribal leaders were jealous of him and the Roman Empire wanted to make a sport of killing a dude who didn’t do a damn thing to anybody but speak the truth.

The God of Christianity said he was the standard for goodness and truth. People hung him on cross for the shit and mucked the dude while he bleed to death on a tree for human entertainment and self righteous joy of saying, see I’m better then him. He got killed because he was wrong and I’m right. I’m better then him.

An innocent man hung on a cross because people thought it was the best thing to do at the time for reasons??


You know the weird part about it? If you remove Jesus from the situation and religious background the same shit happens every damn day in 2021. There are people in this world killing, raping, abusing other people that look like them or look like people they hate because they think it’s the best thing to do at the time for reasons??


Now. Of course the answer to the question is no human tribe is better then any other human tribe. Because, why the fuck would the Christian God hold any human tribe better then any other human tribe when every human tribe has a history for doing fucked up shit to their own people before Christ and after Christ.

Being less violent then one tribe or more loving then one tribe or more smarter then one tribe isn’t the standard for better. Christ is the standard from the Christian Bible view point at least. You have to be better then Truth/the Christian God.

What’s my opinion? The racism is funny as hell. Only a dumbass blind to history or has no shame about what your people have done to themselves and others would think his or her own race is better then another human race.

Get the fuck on my dude.

Warm Regards


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