Let’s take Tango & Cash, Legend of Zelda and cyberpunk brainstorming…part 3

Ready mix!

Chapter 2


It was pitch black and I couldn’t see a damn thing as I stepped into the basement of the castle back entrance.

I got out my lamp lighter and held it beside my gloak. Cash was close beside me to my left. Wait a minute. He had a assault rifle.

“Turn your light on.” I told him.

Cash quickly did so without comment. “What’s the plan, Tango?”

I could hear it in his muffled voice under his ninja mask. Cash was all business.

“They’ll be keeping King Leo in the west side dungeon to integrate him on the location of the ExForce.”

“If you get captured. He’ll use you against him.” Cash said but try to stop me.

I smiled. “I’ve prepared for that. Just keep alart for the ninja assholes.”

Ahhhh! Graaaa. Ahhhh.

“What the fuck?” Cash said.

I nodded as we came up to the main stairway leading upstairs. I put my lighter away as I got my hand free to put my light shield.

Cash took point slightly ahead of me to my left as we slowly climbed the stairs. I sent out a low energy light in front of me.

The door flew open and 6’2 guard in white robes stood with glowing eyes groaning in a strange sound.

“Shot him.” I said.

Cash stood frozen in place as the guard approuched him. I looked at him to see him frozen in stark fear. No. It was the sound no a song of death and passing. I could feel it now working on as my light shield was fading.

I reached for my Ocarina under my shirt and put it to my lips. I started to play the song of the sun’s rising.

The high notes touched me as my magic back alive and Cash came awake. He fired on the guard but he didn’t go down.

Cash quickly dodged out dead guard’s reach. Cash took the sword in hand cut him down. The cropse went up in flames because of the righteous glow of the swords mystic blade.

“What the fuck is going on?” He asked.

“Death magic. Keep your sword out and ready.” I said and then I took the rifle from Cash as we came to the ground floor level of the castle. We were in the kitchen. Cash was beside but looked tense and a bit spooked.

I looked at his tight outfit and noticed other things. I shook off those thoughtd for later. “Where the fuck did you get that outfit from? A sex shop?”

Cash smiled losing some of his spooked fear. “I got it from your old Nanny and her people’s stealth armor technology. It works good for a night run. Your impressed I know. The suit is impressive as well. Lead the way Princess and get your mind off my package.”

I couldn’t help grinning as I led the way. “Smart ass.” I whispered.

Groaaa. Groaaa.

“Shit. It’s going to be a long night.” Cash said mirroring my thoughts as a herd of the undead approached us.

Warm Regards


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