Let’s take Tango & Cash, Legend of Zelda and cyberpunk brainstorming…part 2

Get ready. Mix.

Chapter 1


*Ding, Ding.*  *Ding, Ding.*

I came awake at the sound of my decker sending me a message. I rolled out of bed snatching my decker from my nightstand.

– Hyrule Castle under lock down. City watched. King Leo in trouble. All communications down. It’s Gannon. Meet me at the back entrance of castle. Bring your sword and shield. – Zelda

This situation needed the right armor. I went to my closet and I got what I needed. I dressed quickly in my stealth armor and went to my weapons safe and unlocked it with the pendant I got with the safe. The safe opened and the sword’s handle glowed. It was ready to kick some ass. I got it out and  put it over my shoulder. I stared at my hook shot. I just got the thing last week. I wondered if I would need it this go round with Gannon but I was better off being prepared for whatever.

I almost got killed last time by one of Gannon’s people for not being prepared enough for surprises. If Zelda hadn’t been there my ass would have been toasted. I picked it up and attached it to my combat belt side holster.

I headed out of my apartment picking up my ancient techno shield badge. By my door.

Outside it was raining lightly with a pale blue moon glowing over the city of Hyrule. The magic in my armor’s power banks came online as the lunar crystals took in the moonlight and absorbed the energy from the rain water into it’s energy conversion systems. The castle was twelve blocks away from my apartment building near the lost forest park. I thought again about taking my bike but I didn’t want to gain any notice so I took off running. My stealth armor helped me to make to the castle in a few minutes.

I made it to the back entrance of the castle but found a 6 foot tall robot was waiting for me. It came to life at my appearance and locked his combat rifle on me and fired.

Time slowed down as I was already getting my shield out and rebounded the lazer shot back at it. It took the shot and was electrified and exploded.

I checked my shield meter. I had five more rounds before it would be useless to me.

I snagged up the assault rifle the robot had and moved inside the gates to the garden inside. Where the fuck was Zelda?

My question was answered as I saw her cornered near the back entrance by two of Gannon’s Red ninja assassins.

The bad bitch was holding her own with her glock and light shield but she was getting tired.

Fired at the back of one ninja taking him down only to hear laughter behind. I rolled away losing the rifle and brought up my shield. I didn’t have enough time to rebound and the thing exploded after several direct shots.

The fucker came at me fast with a combat sword for my throat. I didn’t have enough time to draw my sword from my back so I dodged to my right drawing my hook shot and fired at his sword grabbing it from him. I took the sword and threw it at his chest.

He screamed as the blade sank in and then threw something down at his and went up in flames laughing. Holy shit. Sick fuckers. I holstered my hook shot.

I drew my sword and prepared to take out the other one but Zelda had already done so and threw me a rifle. I caught it with one hand as I put my sword away.

“Next time shot the asshole in the chest instead of grabbing his fucking weapon. Save the ninja moves for later when we’re in bed. Let’s go, Rookie.” She said and proceeded me inside the castle.

I sighed. She was going to be a pain in my ass for remainer of this raid on the castle. I smiled and headed inside.

Hmm. It’s okay. Needs more one lines though.

Warm Regards



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