Fifty years a femininst experiment on western men and we are the result…let’s talk about it.

I am product of pussfied methods meant to put me in line and keep me from being what I naturally am…

A man.

Holy shit. You know I was going somewhere serious about this but fuck that noise. The whole subject is too funny to me for some reason.

I mean come on my dude. Even with every effort feminists made to pussfying the men of the west it amounts as a whole proving to be one giant fuck up that’s coming apart as we speak.

Real talk my dude. I’m thinking back to the 80s my dude. That one decade that was the last big bang for masculine energy that is still felt today. I mean I didn’t even grow up in the 80s but I still hear the echoes of it in my head.

A man must be a bad ass. No question and without a doubt.

Society is against the notion of a man being a bad ass. That means being a badass is the way to go because what’s more bad ass then being against the boring pussfied grain of society.

I mean pushing against a society trying to go against man’s nature to be a bad ass was cool back in my day now it’s Base. The more things change the more Big Dick energy is a requirment from a boy’s graduation from simp to Bad Ass.

I mean society wants men to give leadership over to females. Not partnership. Leadership. Why? Because big dick energy causes wars and all that bullshit. Because to be a man means to comprise on what you believe or to have no values other then money and sex???


Hmmm. Money and sex. Resources and feelings. Tits and Ass. Female and street walker.

To be a man in modern society means to think like a hocker out for fun and a transaction. The bullshit. The pussfied western society romantic bullshit.


The same reason my dear sweet black power princess mother didn’t want me to a water gun when I was nine. Society at large wants to pussfy males into being weak helpless pussfied beta bitch males.

The shit doesn’t work and the shit ain’t normal.

Tell me. What is more cool, then rebeling against a pussfied society and making a femininst head explode by telling her and society to their collective faces….

“No women don’t make good leaders. They think with their feelings. If I did get married at all I’m old school. I’d would be the leader of my house and the bread winner. What’s that smell? Miss? There is smoke coming from your ears.”

Warm Regards


P. S.

To be a man doesn’t mean you love violence. It means you embrace your god given legacy to be a dominant Big Dick, Conflicting Vaping BAD ASS MOTHER FUCKER!!


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