In the quiet moments…

In the quiet moments so few and far in between the busy time consuming orderly schedules days of my life.

I breath. I don’t think to much if at all about my past about my future. I just enjoy the stillness of time.

Though time isn’t still. I feel it in the rotations of sun’s light raising high and setting low.

I feel it some times when I’m in my work and grind moments. I’m in the mode of adult duties and adult responsibilities. I feel it then like the sweat from brow after work. Like the beating of my heart.

I feel it in the calculations I do everyday it seems. I multiply my efforts and time to find out a likely strategy to maximize a weekly session for fixed goal linked in a plan with in plan with in plan with in a plan.

Tick tuck. Tick tuck.

The only time I slow down is in my quiet moments. When the goals and plans for the month are done and my mind is set for the coming next session of goals and plans. But, still in these quiet moments I find my rest.

This is what I live for. The knowledge and confidence of knowing I succeeded in my plans and now I have a moment when my time is on pause.

Warm Regards



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