Everyone has a personal brand…It’s what you stand for and how the world sees and should treat you.

My dude. I’m an old fuck. Back in the day hell maybe even still know my people called it swagger.

It’s how you carry yourself. How you command the space or position in life you stand on. It goes down to the clothes you wear to the fucking shoes on your feet.

Everything. Everything about how you present yourself speaks volumes to how people can treat you.

I was taught this growing up but not educated on the hypothesis aspect about it. Because the thing is it works both ways. You can use hypothesis on yourself to add value to yourself by the clothes you were and confidence and calm you can have in yourself by rocking a pair of aviators.

Real talk. I feel different when I put a pair of aviators on. It’s like a mind trick I know but it’s real. I channel something of that period of time that style of attitude and confidence into myself. I don’t like to smile in general unless I feel the mood to but I’ll smile for camera every time if I slip a pair on on face.

It’s a cultural thing. It’s different everywhere but it’s also a means of defense and ownership. You are who you are. The brand you carry is the mirror perception of the internal make up for how you think.

Warm Regards



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