Does white Supremacy exist? Yes it exists and no it’s not T-money saying weird shit.

This is going to funny to me at least. Look my dude. My skin folk kick up a lot of dust about the shit and point in many directs at it but often times fail to point at the devil behind the green curtain.

The more things change the more they stay the same remember that.

Example. Eddie Murphy and Martin Lawrence did a movie together called LIFE. Great movie that packed a whole lot of comedy in a horror movie.

Two dudes get set up and go to jail for life. In jail at this time period the warden has jailors who act as his henchmen in jail to keep the other Blacks in line. That’s right the Warden gets other prisoners or Blacks to keep the other Blacks enslaved.

Hmmm. I bring this up to say one thing it’s not about hate altogether it’s about capitalizing off of groups of people for money. Now a smart business man or woman that happens to be white and wants to capitalize on Blacks buying or voting habits will not say it. They will not even reveal themselves in public about their motives. Why do it. That would only stop their purpose. It would be best to hire low moral Blacks that are money driven that can best do their wishes.

What would their wishes be? Well to make money in general and to keep a proticular group in line. Maybe even making fun and degrading blacks to simple idiots can be effective in growing your stock portfolio.

Now capitalism isn’t evil or racist on it’s own. Some times using racism as a means of feeding your family can be justified to people. Real talk. Some of these people don’t see a damn thing wrong with fucking with the Brand of an entire group of people. They might even think their justifying it by giving blacks a voice to just be who they think Blacks should be.

Clowns. Money hungry. Sexual deviants. Criminals. You make all these images pretty if you call it comedy.

You see real white Supremacy is a bullshit way of saying alright how can I make these Blacks stupid enough to keep voting for this bitch. I know I’ll get some funny Black to simp for her and get the others to fall in line.

Just an opinion of mean. You know Martin Lawrence made three Big Momma movies. Did you think it was funny seeing him running around as an old Negro Big Momma. Was it funny seeing the actor who played his son dress up like a clown. He made bank with those movies. He took a lot pride in the money he made for himself and white folks of course.

Warm Regards


P. S. It should go without saying that I’m not talking about the shit kickers, the lone star cowboys and the like. If a God fearing lone Star cowboy heard this shit don’t you think he would be wandering….have these big city rich sum bitches done this shit to my kin and my goodboddy Leroy too? The answer is you bet your country fried ass my dude.


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