Kevin Samuels answered a question I had in my head for twenty years.

Here’s the video. To summarize it shortly he is on the topic of image and how a black presents himself conveys the image of himself and his ethic tribe.

The question in my head was this. Why did black folks in the past conduct themselves and behave so differently in 50s and 60s?

I thought it was an act of them trying to in defence in a society that was all so willing to attack and harm them. So they had to dress up and pretend to be white folks. Granted writing the shit I can hear and see the bullshit of it.

No. Black folks were at a war with the images in Birth of A nation. They were at war with people labeling them as savages and beneath being human or the image of black man being a Boy. A black man being something to be held with contempt.

Black men wanted to claim and full rights to their personal image and brand as a people. Why did this change? Because the times got easier? Fuck no. The marketing got better for dehumanizing black man in general.

Birth of a Nation didn’t go away. Young black comedians and white people took over clowning black people in a pretty fashion for money and power.

Note. I’m not talking about shit kickers or lone star shit kicking cowboys. There really is a difference in the two. Real talk.

There is a certain type of evil controling the perception of humans to take money from their pockets and brain fuck them in to slaves.

You see the shit with movies like Birth of A Nation and movies in general that fuck with dehumanizing to slaves for cash and ass is truly evil. I had enough of the shit before Trump took office and then seeing the dehumanizing of Trump as a man and making him into someone I should fear.

Hmm. I am a man. I fear no fucking man. I take no disrespect from no man simple because they feel in a position of power over me.

Kevin Samuels did have me thinking though. About not disrespecting men or fucking with their personal brand.

I’ve done it once with Neroke by calling him a gamma. It was wrong. I am sorry for calling him a gamma. Do I regret taking to him the way I did? Not really. He disrespected me as a man and intellectual. He didn’t even have the manners to read my eariler blogs posts to understand my opinions on MGTOW fully. So he attacked I came back at him in return.

I leave you with this question. Do you care about your personal brand as a man?

Warm Regards



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