If you don’t believe in anything then you’ll be somebody’s bitch.

I know the original saying but fuck that noise. That’s what it boils down to.

If you don’t have a standard. A compass or a way you follow that is solid enough to fucking stand on then you’ll be somebody’s bitch.

To many times in my own life I had beliefs or ideals that just weren’t strong enough to stand on to defend and to go on the attack for to matter much for someone to treat me like a wash cloth.

I see the shit as well in the lives of other dudes. A fucker will degrade himself, humiliate himself and willingly be pussfied for a female to give um some attention or pussy.

Add money into the equation and well shit. You have the modern day pussfied western male. A dude will gladly dress up as a clown dance around like a fool and say it’s all in the name of comedy and the all mighty dollar.

Holy shit. The excuse is everybody has to eat. Fucking hell. No. It’s a fucking damn lie. Cleaning shit out of a toilet or washing dishes for a restaurant has more value then selling your dignity as a man and giving up Big Dick Energy.

Patrick Swayze, Westley Snipes and John Leguizamo fucking dressed up like clowns and danced around in a trash movie that nobody remembers and nobody cares about now. For what? Progress? LGTQ awareness?

Don’t be a fucking beta bitch simp. They did that shit for money and they were having their inner dumbass moment.

Don’t look the shit up. It deserves to be forgotten. I sat in a movie theater watching the shit. I wondered what the fuck is this shit? How the fuck did I get here? What the fuck am I doing with my life?

I can’t remember why I went there but I damn sure didn’t pay for the ticket. I had a better time in the bathroom shitting on the toilet reading a collection of poetry by Robert Frost my dude.

I can’t tell you if it hurt their careers but I can tell you thank God nobody remembers the shit. Pussfying yourself doesn’t do shit but prove even men like Patrick Swayze can sometimes can be Grade A class D dumbasses for money my dude.

Warm Regards


P.S. Do not look that movie up. I’m being serious. PS is my dude inspite of that bullshit moment in his life. May he rest in shit kicking glory.


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