I saw two archetypes in Black Panther (2018) the traditionalist and Attila the Hun.

Art is subjective bullshit. Any meaning you gather from the shit is always connected to who you are and where you come from. Yet the historical repeating patterns in the movie still haunt me years later.

The ethnic traditional male that wants to preserve his culture and it’s traditions and Attila the Hun the male that wants to conquer the fucking world. For reasons???

Yet, is that altogether the truth. No. Again it’s subjective. I love my skin folk but looking at that movie and remembering the shit.

Yeah. I can’t see it any other way. Attila the Hun was the rightful ruler. He beat the defender of the tribe and it’s traditions. He had the right to burn it all down and he did. Attila the Hun did not give a damn about the future of his father’s nation. He didn’t give a fuck about roots or history. He wanted to conquer the fucking world. Rightly he could and rightly he would burn it all down and conquer the world in the traditions of Stalin, Hitler, the American Empire and the top dog dictators of today.

So what? The traditionalist should die? The traditionlist should just bow down and let his nation be turned into a dumpster fire empire. The traditionlist should accept bullshit reasoning?

Fathers & sons.

The traditionalist was taught by his father he had a duty to defend the traditions and honor of his people. Attila the Hun honored his father by seeking to conquer the fucking world. For reasons??

You know what camp I fall in and you damn sure know I wouldn’t be merciful to my kin folk for trying to set fire to my family business to get the insurance so he could open strip clubs to put my cousins through college and to get more customers for his cocain side hustle.

Bitch please. I don’t give a fuck about your reasons. You need to give me a reason not to throw a tomahawk at your head coming at me with that bullshit.

Warm Regards


P. S.

I don’t hate Kill monger. I understand his rage. But, what the fuck would you do if a dude tried to convince you to tell your sister to sell her body to a rich dude so that the dude would invest in the family business so we could get paid and gain political power. Some men answer such a suggestion with a fist or a hail storm of bullets. Me. I’m a traditional man. I carry a sword.


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