How can you tell a prank couple on YouTube is real? They aren’t making money from YouTube and they’re boring.

Real talk. The realist couple that prank each other have one thing in common.

They don’t make their money from YouTube and the thought of even making serious money from YouTube would make them piss themselves with laughter or never once enter their minds. Because really who wants their life to be all digital and YouTube scheduled videos.

Hey, To each his own bullshit. But, YouTube currently isn’t a stable business model to me.

It’s odd to see the real ones some times. The tell is how unlinked to the matrix of YouTube thought.

You know. YouTubers all speak in current way that falls into the line of Television speech. They use words mind fuckery words like “I get this amount of viewers” “my supporters are-” and “we are gaining in subscribers” “my audience” “We have to support smaller YouTubers” “only big YouTubers have the ears of YouTube”

They YouTube like dudes in 70s, 80s, and 90s viewed California and Hollywood. It’s the place you have to go to make it.

But, fuck all that shit. I like the very few real YouTubers that happen to have large following. They view YouTube as a hobby. It is not their job or calling.

Holy fucking shit. YouTube became a calling.

Anway, I like the real ones because they don’t go off some script or money confidence game. It’s goofy people that make mistakes and when they mention being a way for a while because of their job that shit reminds me of the old days. When YouTube was about blogging with a camera. Sharing your hobbies or opinions for fun.

The vlog Brothers back in the day. Damn they were good. The connection in the videos was about to dudes trying to stay connected to each other through video letters.

That went to shit though. But, the original videos were raw and wonderful.

I guess what I miss back in the day. It wasn’t so damn serious or business suit professional. Fuck it things change. No use complaining. YouTube had it’s day but seeing YouTubers have that spark of genuine hobbyist magic sparkle in their eyes.

Warm Regards



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