Holy shit. There things that matter and the news ain’t one of them

I don’t watch the news. I say that with no amount of pride but a harsh reality that you can’t trust what the man in the suit says on face value.

The question comes to me. Why am I being told this. It isn’t to inform me it is to control how I think about something so I don’t have to question anything. So that I can be a slave to what I’m required to think.

But, anyway it’s work. To much damn work some times to analyze shit that really doesn’t effect my life that much. Family and culture matters but then there is some shit you shouldn’t give a damn about either.

Again, when I say “you” I really mean me. There is so much bullshiting with the news, politics and television shows trying to push political shit I can’t even muster the energy to give a damn to speak a loud I don’t give shit.

Real talk. It’s good to be informed about the shit going on in the world. But, the source of gaining that informed opinion are known liars. Listening to the news is like going on a treasure hunt for truth in a city dump of confidence man’s game of lies and fairy tales. You have to dig through the shit to find out one key factor…

The truth is much more boring and has nothing to do with you.

Lies can be sexy and fun to hear but you know the truth when it’s blunt or utterly boring compared to fantasy and hopeful thinking.

Warm Regards



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