What the fuck is a centrist..every time I hear centrist ideas it sounds like pimp cocain liberal game.

Real talk. Left, right and ass backwards it don’t matter what side a dude says he stands on it’s all the fucking same until you get down to the charecter of a dude.

People that want to have money to fucking buy food to fucking feed your family isn’t a Republican idea. It’s a human ideal.

People that want to have a space where they can be free from shity preaching. That’s a look mother fucker I worked sixty hours a week bitch I don’t want to be preached to when I’m playing a fucking video game and listening to a podcast in the background.

It all comes down to four character flaw theories. The people that want blood ritual sacrifices in society and Jackels not aborted, free love for the tree fuckers and mind fucking children.

Free love? Holy shit. Like there’s any thing in this world that’s free. Fucking bullshit.

All three things are a liberal pimps game plan. The forth is the gamma bitches plan to make the world believe that females want to fuck him.

Again, I’m your ordinary dumbass. I listen and then I question the bullshit.

I don’t think of centrists as fence sitting dumbasses. I see them as delusional pimp cocain liberals in a gentlemen disagreement with their idiot cousin Larry that likes to fuck trees and dress up as a clown.

I got no bone in the disagreement between the dudes. I just find the shit funny.

Warm Regards



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