I’m hearing talk about T-Money maybe making a bid for President in 2024..what the fuck?

Real talk my dude. The shit T-money revealed about the united States government and the fucking black water curruption of the Mono party rulers of America was a blessing but fuck that shit about him being President again. That ship was blown the fuck up and we ain’t going back to pretending elected officals aren’t all gangsters with law degrees.

I do not trust the government. No. I have no absolute faith in it. I believe in a healthy distrust of it and a ready sword for when it fails me. If you doubt me. Fuck I care. But, for your health and peace of mind it’s okay to question the shit your told.

I’m not so much disappointed by the system or government but in awe that I thought to damn highly of the shit heads in charge.

Holy shit.

These mother fuckers started wars for no reason but a fetish for war and money.

Holy shit.

These mother fuckers brain washed me with talking heads for years with the notion it was a binary game of I’m a Democrat and I’m for blood ritual sacrifices and against rapist and Jackels being aborted.

Holy shit.

These mother fucking wizards had me hocked to magic cocain lies about the American dream. Fuck that shit was short lived and ended before I was fucking born. Pimp cocain democrats and GOP hoes sold that shit to an Israeli hocker for a slap on the ass and more more fucking goble wars.

T-Money exposed the fires in the house but didn’t have the balls to put it out. Now Crept Keeper Joe is on his puppet strings adding gas to the flames smiling for the cameras while my fellow dumbasses all pretend we don’t smell the smoke and feel the heat of the flames of war, discontent and distrust for a system that is crashing.

In English. The United States government is fucked. The good news is we won’t have to deal with the shit heads in charge when the shit hits the fan. Those assholes will be running for their lives and dying in fear of the end of good man being tolerate of evil  assholes.

Real talk. I never felt more relaxed, stronger and able to be down for whatever.

Get your balls up my dude. I didn’t have faith in Donald Trump now or then and damn sure didn’t have faith in the High Lord Pimp Cocain Obama.

Warm Regards



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