How reliable is technology? Holy shit.

The fuck? This shit will short and sweet.

The most reliable piece of technology I have is my phone that’s only because it is made by a company that gives a damn.

My job has introduced an app to me that I have to use. Holy shit. Whoever designed the thing was just trying to fuck with people or was fucking color blind or trying to do some fucking redesign to how apps function in layout design.

Mother fucker this is 2021. Apps have been around for a while. Shit. I went to school and studied how to make the shit. You and I know how the shit is generally so suppose to function on uniformity way to the fucking times we’re in.

Okay. The dude has the design of notifications switch light on in a ugly orange color. It’s lite up ready to go.

Wrong. This mother fucker designed the light being lite to mean it’s off. So I had to switch the light off to turn it on.

I go two weeks of having this shit app not knowing why my fucking notifications aren’t coming because of this bullshit.

You might think I’m freaking over nothing. Maybe, I don’t know. But this bullshit is the kind of shit that fucks with me from a tech nerd way. I can’t stand designers fucking with how we already interpret colors and digital switch to behave like.

The reason why it took me this long to figure out is because the app has a shitty interface that doesn’t make sense for how my job or scheduling works and I don’t need it because the computers at my job function better in giving me information but the big bosses need me to log on to this shit app three times a week at least.

If I didn’t like my job this bullshit would be a check on the list to bouncing.

Warm Regards



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