Am I Black Piller? Na’aw son. I just don’t believe fairy tales like functioning US government

Real talk. This shit imagination land government I’m in right now I can’t take the shit seriously.

To my Highlander American bad ass soul I hated Bush Jr with a passion for a 5’5 shorty with a smile and no clothes on lying on a table.

But, at least that fucker had a functioning government. War machine shit storm that it was it worked. For me everybody else is living in a dream when they take the Crept Keeper and Chief to the Army of the pirates of the Caribbean seriously.

I can’t my dude. I am a dude with a world making imagination but I just can’t take the shit serious.

I’m waiting the next four years out when this shit dream everybody is on comes to an end. I’m working on getting stronger, getting a car and buying two twin 1911s and a sharp shooting rifle.

No. I’m not the murdering type. I live in Texas though and you never know when might have to put down a wild animal or a Jackel or two.

Anyway, I just can’t fucking believe in a never never land United States government that ain’t there my dude. I can fake it to get a long with people hocked on the dream but I can’t trust it or believe it because I know dreams. That shit comes to an end and the real world ain’t no joke.

Warm Regards



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