What does ambition and success feel like…I am the greatest of all time…

I half and half on the statement because of my need to question shit. But, I get the feeling. I get the rush and appeal to want to strive to be the best at my chosen vocation. To dress the best out of crowd of people all standing in the same position.

What is my goal? To say at the end or beginning of a work day or project started and begun….I am best I am the greatest in this time period.

I gave it my all my all. My devotion. My strength. My time. My mindset. I held nothing back. I didn’t coast along. I ran the mile and took the gauntlet on.

I do keep score. I do count my gains. It’s not about yesterday’s successes or failures. It’s about what can I do today.

I am the greatest of all time…

Warm Regards



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