Brainstorming session…Digimon, bullshiting friends and a dude who stutters…

Could be funny or not..mix

Alright the shit started in the fucking late 1990s early 2000s. Some mother fucking wizard opened a damn portal to another universe with a fucking spell trying to get a slut demon. Dumb ass ended up bringing in five foot size monsters from the fucking digital world.

Mother fucker also fucked up the laws of space and time as well. The universe had to reset itself and mix histories to put the shit in ballance. We didn’t find out this shit until SageMon came to earth and revealed it. That’s another story though.

I was a fucking kid at the time when the Digimon arrived and for some strange reason of fate, magic bullshit I don’t know they fit in. They became the new pets or fashion of the early 2000s. It fucking felt like they had always been here as did the fucking battles.

Anyway, me, Earl and Jena and Tai had a pet Digimon. Tai was the quiet one with a bad stutter but that fool was crazy about Digimon. He had a Leomon we called Iron fist.

Earl, and Jenna had Angemon and always argued about who was the stronger fighter between the two.

Me and my Buddy ArguMon stayed out of the shit. The shit usually didn’t lead to anything until the summer of 06 shit got real.

We were in the park walking to an outdoor battle of Digimon. We never made it. Fucking Earl and Jena were getting in to the shit along with their Digimon.

A fucking lighting bolt came out the sky hitting us and these weird devices were in our hands.

They started to glow. Digimon B flashed on the LCD screens.


Fucking Tai started stuttering bad. We looked at him as he pointed at the screen on his device and pointed at Earl and Jena.


Fucking Tai was losing his shit and then we heard it. It was the fucking battle song for a digi battle coming through our devices.


Earl and Jena faced each other. These two dumbasses were going to do it. Go into a amature bout over some bullshit.

“Let’s go mother fucker.” Jena said.

“You got it Bitch. Digimon battle ready go.”

“Angemon divine holy fist.” The dumbasses commanded their Digimon.

I wish I can tell you it was an epic battle but come on my dude that wouldn’t be me. The fucking dumbasses canceled out each others attacks and de-evoled their Digimon.

The best part of that fight and afterward was Tai losing his shit singing that damn song all day my dude….

Did those two grow out of that shit…fuck no those two dumbasses are married with two kids and still digimon battling in the streets my dude.

Warm Regards



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