Alright a word on the vaccines… where the fuck are the science logs?

Real talk. If your an adult and you’ve researched the vaccine you want to take because your concerned about Covid…okay. It’s your life. I got one question though….

Where the fuck is the science data behind any of the vaccines?

This is not a none question to say fuck you. No. Real talk. It’s a real question. If you can answer it thank you. If your answer is fuck you. Well fuck you too.

Let’s take pfizer for example. Here are my questions.

Where are the trial data studies? Where are the scientific papers detailing failures and successes in the making of pfizer?

Who were the doctors and researchers? How long did it take them to design a vaccine to combat the virus?

What the hell is the vaccine? Why is it reliable compared to others? Why is it better? How did they manage to engineer the vaccine this short amount of time? How could they design a vaccine sense it has not been isloated? Covid went pandemic. It’s world wide.

Is it a vaccine?

I just have questions. I would be thankful for answers. I have a passing interest to know. I want to read articles by scientists who deleveloped it. This is not a dig or clever smart boy shitting around. I can’t find the shit.

I’m not a smart boy. I’m your average dumbass walking. Please. For the love of sweet Jesus tell me where this shit is.

Warm Regards



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