Lessons about time and management my parents didn’t teach me..

Time…it’s the one Commodity you can’t get back or earn more of so it matters greatly what and who the fuck you spend it on.

I can’t stand wasting time. I can’t stand feeling like the things I’m doing now isn’t adding any worth of peace to my mind or resources to my abjectives in my overall plan.

Real talk. I’m intervert. I spend most of my time thinking alone in my head. Man that sounds weird or crazy. But I do it to recharge or refocus myself, my aim or my plan. None of it is intentional is the makeup of how I am.

I like to read for this same reason not just the enjoyment of words and narrative. It’s time when I can think and focus and my mind slips into a zen stage. Ideas and clarity comes to me. Strangely enough.

Even the people I associate with add worth to my time in some way. It goes without saying I don’t waste time on fools and people that don’t like me.

Again, I have purpose. Well two. A subjective purpose and a primary purpose.

Subjective being my goals for current life and the type of environment I want to be in twenty years.

Primary being the charecter and overall moral virtues I want to be strengthened as I grow older.

I wasn’t really taught this shit really as a kid or growing up. Most of my instruction was on moral behavior and hustling behavior.

I have an idea where most of this shit came from but more on that in a later post.

That’s why how I earn resources matters to me. It’s why I respect hustlers because at their core they know time is valuable as is energy. Fuck it. You matter. Your family matters. What you do with combination of it all matters.

Real talk. I’m not doing no self help bullshit talk. How you and I manage our time should fit to the overall goal for why we do what we do.

Warm Regards



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