The one thing I don’t like about hustlers is the assholes that hold up the stack of money as a motivation to get shit done.

Real talk. I’m don’t like money in general. It’s weird to even me in the money crazy capitalist society I was raised in but I don’t. But, I like having a goal and aim to achieve a purpose.

Money is just a resource to achieve that purpose I have my focus on. I simple can’t work for money or spend resources without that aim being in my mind.

Simple put. I have to get shit done. So I need resources to get it done on time and I need to manage my resources and time to get shit done with maximum result and less time wasted.

A word on hustlers in general.

I got a love for hustler minded people and hustle culture. My mother was one and so are many of the people in the community of uber drivers and such I respect.

What I’ve seen about independent minded people that are of the gig or hustle mindset is a 9 to 5 really wasn’t enough time or money in it to justify the energy spent. Worse yet it wasn’t fun and there was no room for them to feel they had any control or freedom over how much they wanted to earn.

I wanted to be a hustle for most of my life. I read rich dad poor dad books and self help bullshit and watched hustler minset YouTube videos. I had passing thoughts of being a business minded self publisher. It wasn’t for me. I still like hustlers and the hustling culture to achieve a goal mindset though.

Again, the only ones I can’t stand some times is the one’s that use greed as a means to motivate people to set goals to get shit down. Don’t get me wrong it works for most people. Money is just not happiness to me.

Achieving goals is happiness to me.

Having a good laugh with my brother is happiness to me.

Getting more skilled and mastering my trade and craft is happiness to me.

Earning respect for what I do and how I do it at a maximum level of strength and quick time is happiness and rewarding to me.

Can money buy happiness? For me no. Money is nothing but a resource to achieving a purpose. Happiness is subjective really to what you value and and how you use resources to get what you want.

I like hustlers in general. It’s the greed shit that I can’t rock with.


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