Is a 9 to 5 job bullshit? That depends is it job in Wall Street or Burger King? Either way what are you aiming for?

In a word. Purpose. I’m getting into it again. What is the purpose behind you doing something or selling something to achieve something?

Real talk. I’m not money minded. I’m why am I doing this? What am I aiming for?

There has to be a focus for why we do what we do. For a young dude it could be simple a 2021 mustang. I can understand that and rock with that.

A down payment on a house. I can rock with that too and give the dude a fist bump.

What is the aim? Before I sell my time and energy to anything what is the aim I’m shooting for. What is important to me?

I really think of money as resource to achieve what I want to do. I don’t value money.

A wall street job depending upon your level of focus and interests can get you to a goal faster in some regards and be a ego boost with culture that surrounds the job class.

A Burger king job can be step Ladder to something else down the road. The funds used from such a feat can get you some where to goal you have off in the future.

Can you achieve high goals with a Burger King job? It depends on the plan and goal. If your focus is steady and plans are steady you do it.

Behind all this is the assumption that to be employed in anything is a means of selling your time and energy in one regard and spending the remainder of your time trying to achieve goals that add value to your life and well-being.

That should always be the question set in a dude’s mind in getting into any of this shit. What is my aim? What the fuck am I doing this for?

Life isn’t a joke and time spent on anything you can’t get that shit back. So what are you aiming for when you do what you do?

Warm Regards


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