So it begins with gas shortage. A dimino effect of dumbass shit.

Whole shit. Ambrosia apples are $5 at my local supermarket. The shit is getting real.

Real talk. You heard the shit in the government news media. Hackers attack paper thin computer secured systems take deta for ransom. Fuckers had to shut the shit down. Crept Keeper is on his puppet strings signing some bullshit coloring paper bill to provide more cyber security?

What the fuck? This ain’t the good old days of 1990s. Mother fuckers can hack a car with a fucking cellphone while shitting on the toilet. There ain’t no such thing as a secure computer system in 2021.

The fucking timing my dude. Also, this shit has got nothing to do with the Crept Keeper and chief starting shit a new in the middle east and mother Russia.

This is year one of the Crept Keeper’s rise from the fucking grave and bitch there is more to come.

Holy shit.

The dimino effect is real. Gas storage. Truckers have to take longer to get apples to the store because ain’t enough gas my dude. They’ll be down playing this shit for six more months. They’re going to having my ass trying to figure out how to grow apples in a potted plant in my apartment.

The fucking comedy my dude. I cannot say I’m surprised. I kinda wondering when they’ll acknowledge the reality we’re headed to a depression or shit was a given with Crept Keeper moving his casket into the locked up prison white house.

Other news…damn it’s looking to be a lovely day in shit kicking Texas. Fucking birds are actually singing too.

Warm Regards



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