An honest listening test of two microphones from the same company…

Again I’m setting my mind to recording my books for audiobooks. I know every voice needs a certain microphone and the price rang can very. I’m looking at tests videoes but this is the first video that I’ve seen on the subject that was more honest then a hundred others.

It’s a test between Shure SM7B and Shure 57B. A price rang of $100 – $400 dollars.

I really honestly couldn’t tell any major difference but the first mic was my choice.

I like the video because it gives the viewer the freedom to choose what sounds right to them instead of what just costs less or what is more bang for the buck.

Again, people can make up their own minds. I know what I think I’ll go with after I can get into software and production. I might think of musical intros.

Warm Regards


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