My mind keeps going back to the 1990s movie Hook and one scene between Peter Pan and the of curse of Hook

Rest in shit kicking glory. Legendary.

It’s that scene when Peter has his kids and he’s “beaten” Hook and is about to leave and take them home. He is turning away from Hook and neverland he’s finished his quest.

Hook isn’t done though. He starts shouting at Peter. Telling Peter that he wants a final battle. He will not stop fucking with Peter until he gets what he wants.

Peter is ignoring him until Hook puts a curse at him.

“If I don’t get my final battle that letter I nailed to your children’s bedroom will be nailed to your children’s children door from this point on to forever. Do you hear me Peter.”- Hook.

Now these aren’t his words entirely but a summary of what I remember. But holy shit. That shit was scary. It stopped Peter in his tracks. He put his daughter down and turned to face his enemy and said, what do you want old man.

The enemy wanted just him. Peter didn’t just accept the battle he flew into the shit not caring that it would be a battle to the death.

That’s what gets me. Some battles you can’t run or walk away from. Some battles don’t end with you simple beating your enemy. Sometimes you have to completely defeat and put your enemy down until he has lost his ability to fight or breath. It’s not a win win thing. It’s a situation where I have to put this bitch down or he’s coming for my legacy kind of thing.

Real talk. That whole scene. Has a classical message about fatherhood and manhood in it. It’s all about a man fighting one battle to the brink of death just so that his descendents don’t have to deal with a fucking war if he don’t finish the shit here and now.

Warm Regards



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