I know I’m an old fuck. When I express thoughts about Legacy it sounds weird in this modern day pussfied world.

I know. I get the thoughts of modern day men of the west. I get the feels of a rejection of family and legacy because of the bullshit of pussfied philosophy of today but fuck that shit I got to keep it one hundred percent me. I am a fucking rebel of these modern pussfied times.

Real talk my dude. There has been an experiment run on us for the last fifty some odd years. Some men in power allowed the shit to go on. We are the society today is a product of feminism. First wave, second wave doesn’t matter at this point.

Society is reaching defcon 2 levels and mother fucking GOP stable of  bottom bitch hoes are crying out for fucking war with mother Russia still. But, anybody whose in the know knows Russia ain’t no beta bitch simp and the Crept Keeper and Chief ain’t scaring a baby rabbit my dude. That dude has the scent of BETA bitch tier one above a beta bitch simp.


I fucking can’t stand those fucking GOP/Pimp cocain war dog assholes. Always about that goble war shit. Oh no not with China. Just fucking Russia and everybody else. That goble conquering bullshit. Shit got played out in the 1960s my dude when the age of pussfied males was beginning to climb.

Anyway, my way of rebeling or just me being me is a return to western masculinity or big dick energy. A man’s legacy isn’t stupid it’s his fucking future and treasure. If your convinced by my energy okay. If not I kinda don’t give a fuck because big dick energy will still win in the end. Conflict and battle are in the air. Clean air never smelled this good to me my dude. I can taste fruity pebbles and chill almond milk in the air.

Hot damn! What a time to be alive.

Warm Regards



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