An Ode to Mr. Rodgers.

Some men fight battles for sake of winning fame and fortune. Some men fight battles forsake of providing joy and love in a media of mind control and madness.

Mr. Rodgers was a warrior in the face of beast that is Television.

Born of struggles of modern times. Born a man. Born to do battle with harsh realities of this life in kindness, in humbleness and willness to offer a change in a space of so much nonesense and political messages to warp young minds with darkness and no confidence.

I have to many thoughts and not enough articulations to brave the wider scope of such a man.

The legacy he left behind is a treasure for all time embedded in my heart and mind. So true the earnest heart and true spirit. I am in part the way I am in thanks to you.

To the defender of The Good, The Beautiful and The True. Though you rest in peacefull slumber. Truth has embraced you and welcomed you home. You live. You live still on in this world of madness among us in our memories and actions.

Warm Regards



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