Had to work today the bullshit is real but…a Black Rambo reminded me why I love my skin folk…

The bullshit of working on your day off and then showing up and it’s fuck all work to do.

The corporate bullshit is real my dude. Fuckers always trying to plan ahead of holiday thinking it’s going to be some rush and it’s dick all my dude. Why? Fuckers can’t predict the fucking future and yet a fucker will try to bullshit you that he knows how many fucking clouds will be in the sky tomorrow so you better come early because it’s going to rain at 11:30am. Same old bullshit….

Anyway, I was waiting to clock in with the rest of my work buddies. We all had the same damn long face….like what the fuck are we doing here? Ain’t shit to do.

I saw one Black Rambo dude coming up with eyes half closed with a no fucks given expression just trying to get the through the shit to pay the bills. Dude couldn’t even pretend to give a fuck encase a corporate snitch was watching. I couldn’t help laughing.

The dude turns and sees our faces. He and nods his head reading our thoughts. “Ain’t this some shit huh? Fuckers telling us we got to be in today. You can’t be late today. It’s going to a fucking rush of work to do. Day of mother fuckers pushing the time twice before you even get to the fucking parking lot…come in guess what still ain’t no fucking work to do. Fuckers always about that shit. This some bullshit.”

We were laughing our balls off because the dude just kept going. On point low key rant he didn’t even raise his voice. He was tired and frustrated at the same damn time. Even our manager was laughing his ass off. He knew what was up.

This is the kind of shit that makes me love my skin folk. They will take some bullshit of life moment and turn it in to a gift of laughter to get through the shit. Why?

Because the truth can be funny some times and laughter just some times can get you through some bullshit easier.

Warm Regards



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