The let it all burn dude is real…and he’s funny as hell. (A Dark Comedy)

Real talk my dude. You remember the dark knight movie with Alfred explaining to Bruce a type of man that can’t be reasoned with they can’t be bargained with they just want to watch the world burn…

The funny part is the mother fuckers are in the world. They’re willing to burn in the shit then do something to put the fire out or take a fucking bat to the head of a fire starting demon. They really don’t understand how safe they are from good men losing tolerance for them.

Who am I talking about? MGTOW? Fuck no. Their not my concern or enemy. You know a man or a philosophy for its strength when it gets the shit test. Words are fine but not action. When honor and courage are called for then we’ll see how strong the philosophy is and how strong the man can be in the face of shit storm or a different opinion.

I am strangely a hopeful man. If I’m proven wrong. Fine. Either case we’re headed into some strange and interesting times. Hmmm. Conflict.

No. I’m talking about The Jackels of the world my dude.

Some men don’t want to be honorable or lawful. Some men are fine with the way things are and see the direction things are going and their laughing. Some men are actively playing roles in working against the interests of the good, the beautiful and the true. Some men just don’t belong in society. Some men are bitches. Some men just need to be put to sleep. Lawfully of course with a shotgun or a 1911. Behind a barn.

So once again…It’s just a thought. Maybe just maybe we should accept It’s okay to abort a rapist with evidence and lawful things as such. Remember. Murder is wrong.

Warm Regards


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