You have to have a sense of humor part 2

I write on this blog to provide entertainment for my readers and share my wild weird thoughts that I try to spin for the entertainment of others…

Look on the real. Life can be harsh and challenging. I go through periods of depression and low energy but fuck all that shit. I want to enjoy living.

I want to punch laughter or produce a smile from you at least once a day. That’s my job. That’s my passion. I am a bard.

I love the English language. I love the fact I was born and educated in the west. I like people in general and enjoy the laughter and smiles of children.

Even with all the shit we as men go through. I thank God I was born a man. In the era I’m in and freedom I have. It can all go to shit any moment and still I would find something funny to laugh about.

I encourage you to have the same gusto.

Take courage my friends. Take courage in your hand and grab the day of life’s funny ordinary moments by the balls and smile. Smile. Smile for shits and giggles of it.

Warm Regards



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