Quick blog update on Gammas and comments.

Just a quick update. The MGTOW dude responded to my response post about his opinions on my opinions on his comments…

The dude was serious…

Holy shit. I had a little doubt that he was just fucking with me but no he was pissed at your boy. We had words.

He showed signs of being a gamma. I warned him to keep his shit in check or I would have to spam him. He ignored me. I’ll be spamming his shit regretfully. I don’t mind dudes calling me an asshole or fucking with me about my own beliefs but I can not tolerate disrespect for how entertain my readers in language or gamma behavior.

It’s okay if you think I’m wrong or don’t get what this blog is about. That’s cool. But, if you start some gamma bitch shit. I will spam your comments.

This blog is a place for shit kickers for people that enjoy reading extremely entertaining shit and for people with a sense of humor.

Once again if I’m wrong and you call me on it. Okay. I don’t care. But, I cannot tolerate gamma know it all I’m Mr. Smart boy look at me shit. No my dude. Your just another asshole like the rest of us trying to navigate through days that have gone to the dogs.

Warm Regards



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