I feel good today…I wonder why?

I don’t know. It’s like a strange happantance. It’s looking to be a shity looking morning and yesterday was an unusual shity work day but on the up side I saw a rainbow in the sky…no not a dick addicted dude. I saw a rainbow. I rarely see them in a few times in my life.

Newly moved to shit kicking texas this was my first texas rainbow and I had pizza that day. Goes to show you there’s always some good to come of day gone to shit in the west at least.

I hope you have a lovely day..

With warm affection I thank you for reading my weird posts and ramblings of a man trying to navigate days that have gone to the dogs.

My regard for my readers is high. I pour all my heart and passion into this shit and I hope I bring you joy or laughter in days gone to the dogs. More will be coming…

Guardiandogg the bard of interwebs the Sage of Dark comedy.


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