I changed my mind. Unless your J.R.R Tolkien don’t explain magic bullshit.

Real talk. Fuck I say that a lot but real talk. Don’t write a book as a means to explain magic bullshit.

I’ve been thinking about this shit. George Lucas went wrong in one regard to motion picture Star Wars pre shit storm. He tried to explain magic bullshit.

I see this shit a lot now in fantasy movies and franchises that go to shit. You take a simple human story and then put on some fucking glasses and pretend you can over explain why Neo is the one.

Fuck that shit. Look. I ain’t the great late Robert Frost or the shit kicking genius that wrote the script to Tang & Cash. Some writers bullshit themselves about dreams of being a Tolkien. Listen mother fucker. You never will be.

An explaination to magic bullshit is always a side note to the main event action. If I have to explain shit at all I keep that shit short.

Warm Regards



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