An Ode to Flash..ahh he’s the king of the impossible.

Hot damn! What a movie. The fucking music. The fucking blond unicorn Chad. The fucking cheese ball corny shit my dude.

The 80s my dude. Holy Shit. I think of mt childhood and it only ends being a cross generational time loop that intersects with Gen X and Y and Flash Gorden flying on a mother fucking space cycle.

Oh….fuck the story my dude.

The ending….This bad ass mother aces a dude in the chest with a fucking space ship. Fucking bad ass.

The fucking cheese my dude. Put that shit on pizza and served that shit to me any day. Grade A excellence.

I can’t be objective on the shit. We haven’t had one movie yet to top it. It’s why the fraze go BIG or stay the fuck home was coined by a fucking Chad my dude. The movie goes Big on all fronts and leaves no time for bullshit explaining shit.

Warm Regards



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