I’ve been trying hard to think of something funny to write about but I can’t stop thinking of how fucked up it is we can’t abort rapists.

The shit is just weird to me. I mean we all have heard stories of a rapist falling on some bullets on his way to getting put to sleep. The shit is a damn shame the heroes never get the gold medals they deserve.

The shit is so unfair. I mean a female will lie about her deserve to put a bitch to sleep and sell some bullshit about having a blood sacrifice ritual is the same or equal to putting a bitch to sleep.

Bitch please.

That’s some fucked up shit. Seriously my dude. You know a society has gone into the shitter when we started going ass backwards about putting a bitch to sleep.

Real talk. No bullshit. I spent most of my childhood not hearing the herotic tales of men and women of the past putting bitches to sleep. For some reason people feel shame about the shit or worse think it was evil?! What the fuck?

Damn shame. Kids now a days don’t know the shit head bitches their ancesters put to sleep in the past just for looking to long at a dude’s legacy with evil intent.

I know. I know. I’m a complaining old fuck but I still long for a day we can be honest again and take up the noble tradition of putting a bitch to SLEEP!

Warm Regards



I’ll think of something funny soon.


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