Cyberpunk morning 9

The Fixer is set to collect his pay finally upon delivery to his client…

Chapter 2


Erin looked at me from the other side of the van. The van was soon to arrive at the corporate building.

“If you have a personal question regarding me save it or pay me to have it answered.”

Erin shook his head. “Are you sure you don’t want us to handle this? Your not a solo anymore Owen. Your fixer. Your a good fixer. A fixer I need around to keep me employed. Your to damn professional and timely with my money to lose because of some asshole snob doesn’t want to pay up.”

I understood that and the responsibility that came with having loyal customers like Erin. But, this wasn’t a battle or war. I couldn’t let it get around that shit heads like Marcus could skip out on paying me my fee.

“I got a reputation. I do a job for someone on the square I get paid. I’m simply collecting my pay. That guitar cost more then I was given. I need something so I can break even on this job and I need to get you and you crew the weapons and plan for taking out your enemy.” I said.

Erin grinned. “Your bullshiting me.”

“Whitch part?”

“You didn’t pay 100,00 for the guitar. You pocketed the rest.”

I smiled. “Nice. In a few years when you get tired of runner work I can help you get started as a Fixer when I retire of course.”

“More bullshit. You ain’t never retiring. I bet you 10ebs you can’t get the girl and credits at the same time.”

“I don’t bet my money. Give me twenty minutes. If I get back before then add the 10ebs to my fee for your job.”


The van stopped at the curb in front of James international group. Erin opened the door on the side and stepped out with the guitar case.

I stared at him. “What are you doing?”

“I’m carrying your baggage. You just do the talking.”

“I’m not paying you to do that?”

Erin smiled. “I know. I’m paying you to get me a damn nomad crew together. Remember. I’m just hurrying this shit along so you can focus on my shit.”

Okay. I understand that right well. I nodded and got out. He was right I really needed to wrap this shit today. I couldn’t afford to lose customers like Erin.

I got out and walked to the front of the building with Erin close at my right. His brother Peter was to my left as we came to the front. Peter opened the door for me and I walked inside. I walked up to the representative at the greeting desk.

She stared at the three us and looked nervous. I smiled. “What floor is the company meeting on? I’m here to deliver a package for miss James.”

“Do you have an appointment?” She asked.

“Is that any of your business? I’m here to deliver a package for miss James. What is complicated about what I said? I’m short on time. She has to get her item before the deal is finalized tomorrow. Do you understand me?”

“She’s on the 5th floor. Don’t use the elevator. You won’t make it. Take the stairs. You better hurry or you won’t get paid.” She said.

Shit. I ran for the stairs with the two nomad brothers following me. I took the stairs two at a time with the brothers keeping step with me until we arrived at the 5th floor. It was locked of course.

I took out my blaster and set it for a continuous beam of light. I aimmed at the sides and fired a beam of light at the hinges until the door fell inward. I walked inside as the brothers came and followed me.

There was a set of guards to the sides. They didn’t move. I ignored them and walked to the meeting room ahead. One of the guards opened the door for me. I heard running feet coming toward us. I waved a hand in that direction. “Keep them busy while I deliver the package.” I said.

“Yes Sir. Make sure to give it to the asshole. Miss James can’t tell you what to do.” The guard said and went off with the other guards.

“What the fuck is going on here?” Erin asked.

“A corporate take over nobody in corporation wants.” I said and walked inside to the meeting room.

A board of eight rich assholes stood behind a desk. Miss James was the only one seated at the back. I went to the front with Erin close to my side until I stood in front of Marcus.

He glared at me. His silver inhanced eyes glowed. Erin put the guitar case on the table. I opened it and presented it to him.

“There’s your guitar. I want my fucking payment or I’m taking your fiancée.” I told him.

“It’s a fucking fake. You can’t prove it’s real.” He said.

I waved a hand inside the case. “Eddie Williams signed the shit and I have a receipt from who I got it from I have authentication on.” I said and walked around him toward Miss James.

Marcus blocked me and took a swing at me Erin knocked him down hard to the floor. I walked over to Miss James. She looked beautiful even pissed off as she was. She hadn’t expected this outcome though she had planned.

I looked around the board of her company. They were also in a manner of speaking her elders. “Marcus Boyden refuses to pay me what he owes me for the job. I claim Erica James as my price in the nomad fashion of joining.” I said and then bent down and picked Miss James up and put her over my shoulder and walked for the doors.

Four of the board members hurried to the door blocking me. A grey haired lady that looked like Miss James grandmother stood in my way.

“You can not do this. This isn’t the fucking bad lands. You can’t claim my granddaughter like that and take her unwillingly.”

“I am willing.” Miss James said from behind me.

“We’re in standing with Sigma as clan brothers.” Erin said backing me up my bullshit for some reason. “He’s taking his wife. Marcus tried to forgo payment. Eye for eye tooth for a tooth. Miss James is of equal or greater value. Get the fuck out of the way.”

“Negotiations are in order.” The older Miss James said. “The corporation can give you your pay.”

I shook my head. I didn’t trust this old greedy bitch. Damn. I was going to have take Miss James as payment. “I got my pay. You fuckers have played with my money and I got shit to do today.”

“I would like to say something.” Miss James said. Thank the gods.

I lifted her off my shoulder and set her down on her feet. The woman barely came up to my chin. I lifted her chin with my forefinger. “Make it quick. I got business today.”

Miss James jerked her chin from my hand. She glared up at me. I gave her a wink and a smile.

She stared and then snorted. “Okay. You had me going there. I’ll have your money deposited immediately provided all talk about the marriage plans between Boyde and me are nullified.”

I took out my blaster and turned to the four board members. “There will be no more talks about a marriage or corporate take over between Marcus Boyden or my wife Miss James. You will agree to this or I will kill Boyden for trying to take my wife here and now.”

The older Miss James stared at me. “Nomad marriages aren’t afforded you the right to corporation assets or money. You have no say in-“

I turned from her walked over to Marcus as he came his to his feet I kicked him in the balls and threw him on the table and put the blaster to the back of his head. “Now. Your going to have to sign an agreement right now or I’ll paint this fucking table with this fucker’s blood.”

“I’ll sign it. I’ll sign it right now.” Marcus said.

Miss James hurried over with a contract already. She put a pen in his hand and Marcus signed it. She nodded at me. “Thank you Mr. Sigma. Your money will be forwarded to you right now.” She said looking over at her grandmother.

The old bitch glared at me but got out her detapad and started working.

I nodded to Erica and released Marcus. I put my blaster away and nodded to her. “Nice doing business with you Miss James. You have my number if you have any more problems that need to be handled call me up.”

Miss James kissed me on the lips and nodded to me. “Thank you husband. I will call if I need your assistance again.”

I nodded to her and headed for the door. I looked at my wrist watch. Damn. This shit took thirty minutes to finish. I wasn’t going to get my extra pay from Erin.

Damn. I really really like this dude.

Warm Regards



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