You know a dude raised a good son when his son calls his father a great man.

Mothers got their day and by and large the west is in a state of pussfied madness but still my dude acknowledge a father when you see his legacy is a decent young man. The real ones don’t brag. That’s our job to brag on their accomplishments.

Real talk. Fuck even a dude that bitches about marriage and the legacy of good men. Fuck em if they don’t even acknowledge a good father just doing his fucking job. Seriously fatherhood ain’t easy in a fucking world that’s out to kill you and cut the fucking dick off your legacy before he can fucking read or buy his first car.

These are dangerous fucking times for men. Get your balls up my dude because the war on men is for your fucking mind and legacy of the future. This ain’t a time for bitching it’s time for embracing masculine energy and celbrating fatherhood.

I got this Puerto rican dude I respect at work. One of the many. He’s humble a good worker and walks with limp and confidence. He got a young son that’s happy, kind, good worker and isn’t an asshole.

Holy shit.

You got to understand. Seeing a young dude who knows who he is and where he comes from and has confidence in himself. Hot damn.

I mentioned one time in passing how I regarded his father as a good man. He corrected me wisely and said his father was a great man.

That’s some real shit. I remember seeing the young dude standing next to father while he was doing something and even the way he stood next to his father was respectful to his position as his father.

Listen my dude. You know it when you see it.

Example. Two dudes together walking on the street. If something is about to pop off a dude covers angle to his partner’s blind spot or watches his friend’s back when he’s distracted on the phone. They walk in time with each other to move at the same speed. Unity. Brotherhood. Fatherhood and son. That’s what the fuck I’m talking about my dude.

Warm Regards



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