Song of the day…I’m falling by Comsat Angels

Yeah…The only reason I know this song is because of Real Genius.

On the other side..The Big Bang theory wouldn’t have a show if not for the movie so there you go…

What does it feel like?

When I was a kid it felt like endless days of study and high jinks and hanging out with friends.

Now…it feels like. Life. Somethings you just not prepared for shit going to shit on you or the unexpectedness of life’s twists and heel kick turns to the balls. It’s like taking a fall into well…shit.

The otherside to it is thank God fucking things can turn and change on dime or just another day when change happens after a long period of things feeling the same and then next thing you know your falling into something interesting.

There is a comedy in that you know. You never know what kind of fall you take in life sometimes and into what. We have blind eyes for future and yet we see in the present a glimpse of what the future might be. Some falls you can avoid. Some falls are unavoidable. Some falls are just funny when you em. You can’t be prepared for everything. But, you will fall what do after the fall is up to you.

Warm Regards


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