Black Rambo philosophy on conflict and social Hierarchy

When a dude is most relaxed and free to engage in being himself you find a natural philosophy in that hour…

Black Rambo philosophy on conflict. Well…they are all for it. In fact. In point of fact they’re always looking for an enemy to be in conflict with real or imaginary.

Real talk. Most if not all of the Black Rambo’s I’ve grown up around or encountered on the way of here to the grave are Alpha wolves.

Money is power to the black Rambo whether he is religious or otherwise doesn’t matter and money has a natural atmosphere for attracting conflict and the natural instincts of the Black Rambo to be conflict thrusty. Maybe to thrusty at times with shit they hunt after.

Social Hierarchy?

By and large black rambos are very socialable and likeable group when their in a mood for a party. Extroverted Black Rambos is a norm. Introverts are a weird strain not common at all.

Alpha Black Rambo can be a leader of the home just not the executive of the home. On averge I say Black Rambos prefer a matriarchal system. Though they wouldn’t say it out right. Patriarchal systems work are rare but tend to lead to good results for strong legacy.

On a whole it’s rarer still to meet a Black Rambo that doesn’t have a passing wholesome affection for young black legacy holders. The ones that don’t want a family at all or think of a man’s legacy as annoyances or bastards well…their whores so their opinions on children counts for shit all.

Money and stuff. Money is seen as the means of power and top grade seat as leaders of the Black Rambo tribe or go into politics. Have a Lambretta and your top shit even if you’ve got six kids and haven’t been married.

My skin folk are how they are and have fast and solid social rules that stand the test of time.

Warm Regards



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