Cyberpunk morning 7

Hmm. Let’s add the Executive and Fixer. Erica Saint James in need of someone to fix a job together.



I was in my office about to close up shop officially for the day and head into the streets for a little black market work deals. Hey what can I say Newark never shuts down for the night and neither did a hungry fixer.

I was only two years in the game sense I got out of the solo gig. It was strangle a lot safer for my health and peace of mind being a middle man for  solos and everybody else in the need for a job or an item to fence in a hurry.  I got a lot customers once people heard about set rates on the streets. 3 million credits and downward with haggling.

I set my cut high and it gave the appearance that I wasn’t cheating my customer of their soul or bread and butter.

My detapad buzzed in my pocket. I got it out and looked at the message.

1 million credits for a Red Strip Caster previously owned by Eddie Williams. Yes or no?

I frowned. A groupie for one of the Kings of Newark. Still they might pay me something for the trouble. Texted back a short message.

I know somebody. Cost 100,00 ebs. Plus half my fee now and later upon completion of job.

Deal. Forward routing number. Dropoff location Elious shop. 1pm this Thursday.

Hmm. The client had to be corporate Executive with a thing for Eddie. The guitar? Today, Tuesday. That left me maybe 72 hours. I forwarded my routing number with a short message.

Hand off or leave at shop?

The message came back quick.

Drop off with store owner. Jim Willson. Red hair. Blue glasses. No talking. Leave item with him.

Alarm bells went off in my head. High level Executive financial district maybe.

I checked my account and the money for the guitar was there along with my half fee. I would do some digging but the guitar had to be out there. I would find it. If not then I would buy a used one fix it up like Eddie’s personal treatment. In the mean time I had to get on the streets and handle a little street business.

I like it….never need any store though about a fixer or middle man.

Warm Regards



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