Are you feeling inspired yet? What inspires me most times is a question.

The question really is just the spark to get my brain a jump start to writing or finding a conversation topic.

All my interverts know where I’m coming from.

But, staying on the topic of inspiration.  Yes, it usually starts with a question. What would happen if I took Max who is smart and self conscious about having a one arm and flat chest and meets James who is a great admirer of her ass and legs.

Wait a minute…


Final straw…

I turned around and caught James staring at my giant ass. I put my hand on my hip. James smiled up at me unapologetic.

“Have you been listening to a word I said. If we’re going to buy this house we need to get a contractor in here to get fixed for your wheel chair.”

“Did you have to wear that dress today? I told you I get think about any thing when your ass is in my face and your wearing a mini skirt outside.”

I pulled down dress though I knew he was just fucking with me. The dress was long enough to cover my ass and still be short enough to be fun. I wanted to wear it for as long as I could. I was six weeks pregnant with our first and one week married. I casted a glance at my cousin Harry was busy ignoring us looking at video on his phone until we were ready to decide on the house.

I saw down on James lap. I nearly jumped off his lap but relaxed hugged his neck. James put a hand to my stomach and one hand up my dress.

“Honey. I really need you to pretend your interested in this shit.” I said.

“I’ll be good baby. But make it quick I want to get you home for some play time. I fine with whatever house is your fancy.” He said.

Damn him. He kept making believe that he was in love with me and not just putting on the happy new husband we had planned.


Yeah. I get question and the story or something to write about us comes to me. I’m just bullshiting. The thing is if you’ve read a lot and write alot the shit just writes itself after ten plus years of doing the shit. The question is just a spark to a match.

Warm Regards



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