Question everything your told because behind every nice smile is a bullshiter trying hit your back pocket for cash and ass

I do. I’ve learned the hard way that what you think you know can be mistaken and what you’ve been told even if it’s the truth there is always some bullshit mind fuck reason your being told the shit.

I learned that shit watching the news and being spoon fed a lie within the truth in a plan to get me spend $60 dollars on boner pills and celebrate going into another fucking war in the godforsaken desert. The cycle of lies is like a marry go round of death and boner pill commercials.

I can be easily fooled like any modern day dumbass. I just learned not to watch the shit so I can avoid being mind fucked into hating some asshole in a suit I don’t give a fuck about with the letter R on his name tag.

I trust only the people in my circle intiments but I don’t give my liberty or brain to any dude or female.

The Covid shit was the last straw. Seeing fucking two doctors who worked for the government say competing opinions on masks in the span of months and switch up the script on the fly did it for me. The bullshit alarm went up way before Covid became polictical mind fuck for the masses.

Fuck em. I use my own judgement and act like a gentleman in the mean time. Don’t forget this shit. They always tell you the truth when nobody gives a damn and after the bodies are buried and forgotten by the masses.

Question everything your told by the overlords. If for nothing else then your own fucking survival.

Warm Regards



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