Cyberpunk morning 6…

Hmm. April is almost gone. Let’s finish it with brainstorming fun. Okay. Let’s take a Nomad and rocker boy Eddie Williams and how he met, and married his old lady.



I lay in bed with my old lady taking a shower in the bathroom of our tour bus. It was our  twenty-fifth wedding anniversary and I wandered. I played softly on my guitar the song she liked while I heard her start to sing the lyrics from the shower.

I closed my eyes.

It had been in a dive on the outskirts of Newark near the border of the nomadic lands. One of our opening gigs sense we parted with the college of bards and started out on the streets.

The crowd was rowdy and fights were going on around us. The first song bombed hard and we were about to get stoned to death by the crowd throwing beer bottles at us to the chicken wire stage we stood behind.

I saw two chicks walk in with two big ass nomadic assholes with swords at their backs. Shit. Samari nomads. What the fuck?

One of the chickas a raven haired Betty with lavender eyes caught my gaze and froze in mid step. She had some type of latent magic in her that lite the fire in the magic of my bardic tongue.

Damn. I felt the jult to my soul and I started singing. The magic taking hold of me.

“There she is. There she is. There ain’t nobody like her at all. There she is. My one true love.”

My band mates caught on to feel of the magic and soon the melody took hold and they grooved into it.

I stared at her not caring that she might be some fuckers mate or wife. I was going to have her. It was partly my own ego in the shit but it was her bad ass bitch command for my attention. She captured my notice. As her big brick shit house of man noticed me macking on his girl and came at me sword swinging.

Fucked broke through chicken wire. The crowd instead of fleeing cheered expecting a blood bath.

My band mates took off for our van. I ran forward past the dude, dodging his buddy and taking the girl over my shoulder and booking it.

It hadn’t been a smart move but damn it hadn’t the right move. I found out later that night her name when got hitched nomad tradition. Vowing loyalty to each other in front of her friends and family a life of travel and adventure with loyalty and family binding us to the road.

I felt a kiss on my lips and opened my eyes to see my raven haired beauty naked in front of me smiling.

“Hey, Lovie. You thinking about me?” My woman asked.

“Sure enough Betty Lee. Today all day I’ve been thinking about you.” I said and then put my guitar aside to take her into our bed and make love to her.

Hmm. Romantic bullshit aside. I like it.

Warm Regards



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