I remember the first time I watched a modern day blood Ritual sacrifice video. Warning ⚠️ graphic #FuckedUpShit

For most of the 90s. No fuck it. Most of my life I didn’t care about blood Ritual sacrifices. I had been raised and taught that it was a woman’s choice and who would want to have a rapist’s baby and all that bullshit.

Still no talk about putting a bitch to sleep.

In my late twenties I decided to research what the fuck goes into a blood Ritual sacrifice. Big mistake. I read the tame shit about what a baby goes through in the woam as they grow and then I got to watching a video of an ex witch doctor describing in detail how he preformed the ritual.

He was sitting at a committee government meeting or some shit and talking about what he did. He used a pair of weird tongs and other instruments. He explained how he had to crush the head and body parts first and then pull the pieces out of the uterus carefully so he wouldn’t hurt the female’s uterus or other organs.

Shit made me sick. It wasn’t what I thought. For some reason I watched a video of a blood ritual sacrifice online. Yep, shit was real.

This was the beginning of the internet before the Technocrats and government started locking it down. Anyway the bitch was a young female that couldn’t afford the baby didn’t want the child and so she decided to go to the witch doctor and sacrificed it.

There was a lot of blood and pulling the shit out of her uterus and shit. Really fucked up shit my dude.

This one type of blood ritual sacrifice that hasn’t changed that much. However, I recently learned of new version by accident. It’s a method were the witch doctor injects posion inside the uterus to kill the body inside the female and then yank out the body parts but some times the witch doctors half ass the shit and leave pieces of the dead body in the uterus and the posion kills the woman. Though you won’t hear about the shit all that much.

A female will go through all this bullshit and some female’s won’t even demand the bitch that raped her be put to sleep. Fuck it. Some females are proud how many times they’ve laid down on witch doctor’s sacrifice chair.

Warm Regards



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