Why do men like a bad bitch. She provides a challenge, fun and loyalty all in one.

Real talk. Every man wants a fucking challenge. Mother fucker we were born into a world that is out to kill us from the jump. It isn’t natural for us to have it to easy.

Challenge and conflict is in the fucking air we breath and water we swim in. The two C’s of masculine energy.

We need some amount of danger or challenge in our lives to keep us on the edge for when shit gets real. Even a beta bitch simp seeks out a fucking hard video game.

So…a bad bitch is always a fun ride or a fucking boo for life my dude.

Short term. A bad bitch that’s fun to fuck with for a couple months or years but shit isn’t going anywhere because the female bullshit eventually makes her a basic bitch you can’t tolerate to even look at.

Long term. A bad bitch that demands to be respected and will not lower her expectations that your ass be a fucking man in regards to how you treat her. She rolls with you, rocks with you and takes no shit from no beta bitch simp that hits up on her on the low to desrespect you and her. She will slap that bitch quick or tell your ass to handle that bitch and keep him the fuck away from her. She ain’t got time for that shit she got your kids to raise and she’s to busy working out to keep you interested in her fine ass.

The Short hand of all the shit I’m saying is the more bad bitch she is the more bad ass you got to be ya heard me?

Think about that shit…a female that encourages bad ass behavior?!

Holy shit.

Warm Regards



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